Emload.com Premium Review 2022 – 10 Pros & Cons You Should Consider

Computers, mobile handsets, and other electronic devices are essential to our daily lives, as they enable us to store data. However, it is crucial to back up all information we collect using these devices.

Although physical drives can store data, they cannot match the convenience of online storage platforms such as emload.com.

Thanks to Emload cloud storage, you can now store, share, and access your files from any location. Best of all, you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your data when your device fails.

In this post, we examine emload.com, a cloud platform that enables reliable sharing and storage of files.

Emload Premium: Benefits At a Glance

  • Unlimited parallel downloads
  • High-speed downloads
  • Password-protected links
  • Download files of any size
  • Upload files up to 10 GB
  • No download limits
  • Immediate downloads

What Is Emload?

It is a cloud platform that allows you to create, keep, and disseminate files within your online space. By signing up for a free or paid membership, you can upload and distribute your files from the comfort of your own home or office.

Emload Premium: Benefits of a Premium Account

emload benefits

The premium account includes incredible features that define an ideal file hosting experience. Essentially, upgrading to a premium user ensures you bypass the numerous limitations of the basic level, such as lower speeds and constrained downloads.

Here are some of the benefits of having a premium account with emload.

Fast Download

Members of the free package have to bear prolonged speeds that depend on the internet service provider. However, as a premium member, you’ll enjoy reliable, faster speed and priority uploading of all your files. Efficient download speeds work to your advantage if you have huge files to download.

No Download Queues

To begin your downloads on the paid plan, you won’t have to wait for the 30 second lapse time characteristic of the free membership plan. All your downloads begin immediately with the click of a download button. Moreover, you won’t have to enter any Captcha codes that the site may prompt you to provide

Support From Download Managers

The premium version has unlimited support from built-in download accelerators and external managers. These download support tools enable you to download your files seamlessly and quickly when you’re rushing against time.

Higher Download and Storage Limits

Unlike the free user package, which limits your download to 500Mb, the premium version is highly reliable. You can now upload and download up to 35 GB of files daily.

That’s not all. The premium version has 1 TB of storage space, and you can securely store your files on the cloud servers until you decide to delete them.

Download Multiple Files

Do you have a batch of files to download all at once? Emload has a pleasantry for all premium users. You can download many files at once without affecting the speed.

No Pop-up Ads

Emload accepts ads from third-party sites as part of its revenue generation plan. However, ads only appear to free package users. This means when you upgrade to the premium plan, you won’t have to pause your downloads midway to close unwanted ads.

Download Resumption

A reliable cloud storage platform allows you to resume your paused downloads quickly. Thanks to the premium membership, you can resume your downloads if you paused or stopped for any reason. The best thing is that you won’t start the download process again, but pick it from where you left.

Enhanced Safety

Emload Premium offers the most dependable and secure file hosting package. It features safety measures designed to safeguard against fraudsters and protect your files.

For instance, it uses an encryption system that protects the privacy of your files on the cloud servers. Thus, you are sure that unauthorized people won’t access your files even if there’s a breach.

Similarly, the platform has a computer-generated link function that enables file sharing. As a result, only users who have your links can access your files.

You also have the option of setting passwords for all your files and sharing them with your selected audience only.

Emload Premium: How Much Does It Cost?

Emload Premium has four payment tiers for users who wish to upgrade from the basic package. The best thing about the pricing plans is that they are affordable and allow different payment methods.

You’ll pay €14.95 for a monthly offer for the premium service, €29.95 for three months, and €51.95 for six months. The longest package lasts a year and costs €73.95. All four premium plans come with a 35 GB daily bandwidth and 1 TB of storage space.

Below is a breakdown:

emload price

Emload.com Premium: FAQs

Are you thinking about using Emload as your preferred cloud storage provider? Then some extra information would come in handy.

Here are two of the frequent questions by Emload customers:

What Files Can You Upload?

Emload allows you to upload any type of file, including images, audio, or video clips. However, you should ensure the files you upload do not infringe the terms listed on the website. For instance, uploading obscene content, sexually explicit files, or copyrighted material is unacceptable.

Can You Retrieve Deleted Files?

Yes. Emload.com is one of the few cloud platforms that allow you to restore deleted files. If you mistakenly delete your file, simply check the ‘file manager’ menu and click ‘trash bin’. You’ll see all deleted items.

However, deleted files only last a week in the trash bin, after which you won’t be able to retrieve them.

Emload.com Premium Review: Final Thoughts

Storing your documents on a hard drive can be risky. Your device may fail, and you may end up losing your valuable data. That’s where online storage comes in handy.

Emload is a platform that allows you to manage your files. You can upload anything that doesn’t violate the terms of service, whether video, audio, or images.

You will also enjoy unlimited download speeds, 1 TB of online storage, encrypted security, and multiple downloads.

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