Premium Review


  • is a cloud-based platform for uploading, downloading, sharing, and storing files.
  • Thanks to internet connectivity, you can manage your files from any location using this platform.
  • is famous for unlimited speeds, affordable subscriptions, and massive storage spaces, making it an all-time choice for many users.
  • By using, you can say goodbye to secondary devices that limit your file storage.
  • Although file storage on the platform is free, the basic version does not come without limitations.
  • For instance, you will have to contend with slower speeds and limited storage space when using the free version.
  • For this reason, you may consider upgrading to the premium version to enjoy added features. speed Premium Benefits

  • Premium comes with 30 GB of file storage space.
  • Unlimited upload file size
  • Up to 20 GB file download
  • The premium version guarantees unlimited download speeds, even when downloading multiple files.
  • All downloads begin immediately, without lapse. This means there is no waiting time.
  • You will also be able to resume downloads from your last stop.
  • Premium also allows you to store your files online for more extended periods.
  • premium users enjoy all-around customer support dedicated to solving clients’ problems.
  • The premium version has an email support system for channeling all your concerns.
  • premium has an organized layout and user interface.
  • The simple user interface enables you to manage, sort, delete, copy, or transfer your files easily across the platform.
  • There are also no Captcha codes to enter when downloading your files on the system. review Premium Prices

  • gives you value for your money through affordable subscription options.
  • Long-term offers are much cheaper than short-term subscriptions, so if you regularly download or share files on the platform, it pays off to buy a more extended subscription.
  • The premium version has four offers for the subscribers.
  • 31 days subscription costs $19.95 per month or $0.64 per day.
  • 90 days subscription costs $39.95 or $0.44 per day.
  • 365 days subscription costs $89.95 or 0.24 per day.
  • 999 days subscription; costs $129.95 or $0.13 per day.
  • In addition to affordable offers, has a flexible payment structure spanning various payment options majorly PayPal, Visa Card, Gpay, MasterCard, Skrill, NetCash, Bitcoin, and Alipay. Premium: Earn Money

  1. You can earn residual income on as an affiliate if you have an active blog or website.
  2. The Affiliate program fosters mutual relationships with bloggers and content creators, thereby driving traffic to and fetching income for affiliate account holders.
  3. As an affiliate, you will earn up to 60% of the sales you make by bringing premium account holders onboard the platform.
  4. Similarly, if you own a website, you will earn up to 15% of the total sales from your website and a further 5% income on every webmaster you refer to Premium: FAQs

Does guarantee data security?

  • has a secure connection system that protects your data.
  • You will have a security code and password to safeguard critical procedures like deleting files.
  • The code prevents hackers from accessing, modifying, or using your files.
  • also helps you protect your files by sharing only with a selected group of users.
  • In addition, all money transactions on the platform are subject to encryption key protection.

How long can I keep my files on the server?

  1. The duration for file storage depends on your membership plan.
  2. For a free account, your files will remain on the servers for up to 30 days.
  3. However, a premium account allows you to keep your files on the platform for as long as you want.

How can I download other users’ files?

  1. does not allow users to view or download other users’ files.
  2. You can only download a file shared with you via a direct link from another user.

What happens if I lose internet connection while downloading a file?

  1. Internet connectivity is not a significant issue when you have a premium account.
  2. You can always resume downloads from your last stop if your connectivity is back.
  3. You can also use third-party download managers for additional help.

Can I upgrade to premium if I have a free account?

  1. You can enjoy the benefits of a premium package even if you initially opened a free account.
  2. Simply make your payment and upgrade to the premium version.

Bottom line:

If you are looking for a reliable cloud-based platform that allows you to store and share files, then look no further!

With, you can safely keep large files and conveniently access them anywhere you go as long as you have a reliable internet connection. Moreover, the premium version is pocket friendly, allowing you to get more value for your money.

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