Daofile Premium

A Daofile is an all-in-one cloud storage solution available online. With a Daofile premium account, it is very easy and convenient to back up important documents, files, and be able to access them no matter where you are located, allowing you to share these with your family and friends quite easily. About Daofile For those who … Read more

Upstore.net Premium

About Upstore.net Lately, file sharing sites are getting more and more popular. No doubt about that, as it’s definitely more practical than carrying a flash drive, external HD, or disc, wherever you go. With the help of file sharing sites, you’ll be able to access and share your files as long as you have an … Read more

Katfile.com Premium Review 2022 – Prices, Pros, Cons & Personal Experience

katfile review

About Katfile.com Katfile.com is an online platform that allows internet users to store or back up their files remotely. These files include images, audio, videos and flash. The platform provides users with essential tools for uploading and downloading files whenever they need to store or share them with third parties. This comes in handy if … Read more

Hotlink.cc Premium Review 2022 – Is It Safe?

Hotlink.cc is simply a file-hosting platform that allows users to store their data in a safe, and secure manner. Users can upload, download, manage, share, and access their files seamlessly using either a PC or a mobile device. This eliminates the need for physical storage devices such as flash disks, hard drives, and SD cards. … Read more

Filefox Premium Review 2022 – Pros, Cons & (Hidden) Fees

filefox review

Cloud computing is not anything new. With the emergence of this concept, you can now store and access your files and documents securely from a remote relocation. However, with so many options to choose from, settling for a particular file hosting platform can be a tough call. This Filefox.cc premium account review highlights one outstanding … Read more

Keep2Share Premium – Review and Test of k2s.cc 2022

keepshare review

Sharing of files has become much easier ever since the advent of cloud computing. As the world moves towards paperless transactions and virtual storage, you no longer need to carry physical storage devices or print out documents to share your files with your friends or associates. With cloud storage, you can store, manage, share and … Read more