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A Daofile is an all-in-one cloud storage solution available online. With a Daofile premium account, it is very easy and convenient to back up important documents, files, and be able to access them no matter where you are located, allowing you to share these with your family and friends quite easily.

About Daofile

For those who download and upload a lot of files that are needed to be shared, then a Daofile premium account can be quite useful for you. Aside from that, with a Daofile account, you can also enjoy the possibility of earning some cash as an uploader for the number of times a certain file has been downloaded. This can be a source of passive income, however, you should also make sure that it’s not a copyright or a pornographic content, because both are prohibited by the terms and conditions of Daofile.com

daofile premium benefits

Here are the other benefits that you can enjoy by simply having a Daofile premium account

Ideal for Businesses Who Need to Share Large Files

A Daofile premium account can be used by businesses to store files. However, the 30-day duration before deletion may be impractical for some, especially to those who are storing files that are intended for long-term use. Though, there’s still a solution for this– you can periodically download the file and just re-upload it again.

It’s very useful for businesses that need to share files that are too big in size and cannot be sent via email or other file transfer methods available. Likewise, it’s also remarkably useful for businesses that must share large files on a constant basis with their customers, but don’t have the ability to do so using their own web host.

Great for Sharing Files with Family and Friends

Daofile is also ideal for personal use, especially for those who love sharing files with family and friends. High quality audio and video files can easily be shared using Daofile, no matter how large the file is– this is quite impossible to share by other means. For instance, if you’re planning to film a concert using an HD mic and camera, the combined video and .wav files would definitely be large in size. A lot of online sharing and storage can’t handle such files because of their limits. Fortunately, a Daofile premium account will give you the privilege of sharing large files between your circle of friends and family. That’s why, having a premium account is highly recommended, especially for those who love to upload videos and audios on a constant basis.

Anyone Can Use Daofile!

It doesn’t matter what your purpose is, rest assured that anyone can use a Daofile premium account because it was designed with the users in mind. That said, even if you’re a power user or it was the first time that you have opened a cloud storage account, you wouldn’t have any problems learning the ropes and getting the most from your service. It’s the perfect platform for both personal and professional use.

Remarkable Features, such as:

  • Increase your download speed to 100 MB/s.
  • Enjoy an upload file size of 10 GB.
  • Have the privilege of experiencing the top download priority.
  • Enjoy the convenience of unlimited file downloads.
  • Additional features that you can enjoy from a Daofile premium account includes the ability to copy files, immediate download, download accelerators, FTP, URL, and Torrent-based uploading, and unlimited storage.

Is It Really Practical to Opt for a Premium Account?

Although anyone can use a Daofile account without spending any money at all, there are still some limitations. For example, free, unregistered users don’t have the ability to store and upload files. They’re only allowed to download them with a limit of 1 GB per day. On the other hand, the registered users are allowed to store and easily share files for up to 1 GB in size. However, after reaching the 2 GB worth of download, they have to wait for 48 hours before they can download again. There’s also a limit of 1 TB on the storage space, and this is ideal for those who only need a short-term storage for personal use and for sharing files with family and friends. However, those who really need a high-volume of download usage, they should opt for a premium account instead.

Additionally, with a premium account, all restrictions are either completely taken away, or expanded to the point that these restrictions don’t seem to exist at all. Thus, this service becomes very useful for business owners, especially for those who need a reliable hosting files that will allow them to regularly upload and download special matters. Not just that, a lot of users also claim that it’s very useful especially when you need to share large files that are impossible to share with the use of other sharing platforms available online.

Payment Options

There are two tiers of service being offered by Daofile.net– the free and paid account. Anyone is free to use the service as long as he wants and can upload to a premium account once’s he’s ready in order to enjoy the benefits of Daofile that are limited in a free account. The creators of this file sharing service believe that once the users experience their basic service, they’ll be more than excited to move on to the next tier and take advantage the amazing features a premium account has.

For those who are interested, they can buy a 1-month premium service for just $19.95, but they also have the option of enjoying a 2-month ($29.95), 3-month ($39.95), 6-month ($69.95) plans depending on their preference. For those who have decided to pay for a year up-front, you’ll only have to pay $129.95. Which means, you can really enjoy huge savings!

daofile price

There are several payment methods offered for the user’s convenience. You can pay for a Daofile premium account using a debit or credit card, Bitcoin, Paysafecar, or reseller.

Bottom line:

Though, if you’re not satisfied with the service, you’re always free to cancel your subscription by sending an email to [email protected]. Do note that no refunds will be given at the time you have decided to terminate your account.

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